Tuesday, 24 July 2012

'Where Light Dwells'

I recently came across a photographer that was a timely and inspiring discovery for me. His name was Blaine Ellis and I found his series of photographs called 'Where Light Dwells' (found at: http://www.photoeye.com/gallery/forms2/index.cfm?image=1&id=12375&imagePosition=1&Door=7&Portfolio=Portfolio1&Gallery=2&Page= and accessed on 14 July 2012) to be exactly what I needed as I researched for the project 'Space and light'.

   The main aspect of those photographs that I got a lasting impression from was the way light fell dramatically and distinctively (compared to the rest of the components of the photograph) through the various windows. This light then fell on the features of the rooms and created interesting shadows and showed off textures.

   Probably the most intense example in the 'Where Light Dwells' series by Blaine Ellis for me was 'Caravansarie, Central Turkey, 2000' where all three of the features mentioned in the previous paragraph came into play.

   What I came away with from looking at these photographs was how light through windows or glass could dramatically affect the objects within an interior. Of course this would change as the light changed from outside or within but I was sure to take note of the manner in which light from outside could change the feel of a room.

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