Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Researching the gym - Assignment 3, Buildings in use

My impressions after reading up about the gym I would be photographing at were that it was quite new and impressively specified. It was designed with university students in mind as it was at a univesity campus. I found out that quite a lot of money had been invested so I knew the gym would probably be luxurious. Also there were dance studios inside as well so I kept this in mind as an option for photographing there.

   As far as its effectiveness as a usable space it was situated in a sensible location of the campus and was decently large in size, which meant the 90 exercise stations could be used by members without hassle. As you could imagine with 90 different exercise stations the gym was quite large and every type of exercise was catered for and this included machines for all kinds of muscle groups.

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