Tuesday, 24 July 2012

At the Chapel in Brockley Cemetery -Assignment 3, Buildings in use Part 4

1. Looking into the chapel
1. gave the set of photographs a sense of place with the gravestones being key and the people in the entrance to the chapel showing it was being used.

2. Observer looking at information about the chapel and cemetery
   This was probably the most small and confined building I chose to photograph. Also the lighting was quite challenging to overcome. However, I thought I demonstrated how this building was being used effectively, with photograph 2. being the most informal. Here the man was clearly gaining insight to the workings of the chapel/cemetery and it was also clear the photograph was taken from inside a chapel because of the large stained-glass window. I thought the light from the window added interest by casting light attractively onto the floor and bringing out the texture of it.

   Again with 3. the lighting was of interest with the people inside the chapel being slightly silhouetted and the people outside at the entrance blown out. It also showed an overview of the scene giving information about the size of the chapel and the amount of people using it. In retrospect I could have improved on less of the people's backs being turned and maybe some foreground interest too.

3. A gathering of people within the chapel
4. Conversing and refreshments at the chapel
   Photograph 4. was more evenly lit and there was foreground interest in comparison to 3. This was in the form of leaflets for the attenders to peruse. If I had added/waited for an attender to actually have a look at the leaflets this shot would have been more informative but I thought the people present in conversation showed how the chapel was being used.

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