Tuesday, 24 July 2012

From the User's Viewpoint

I found that the concept of taking a location, in this case a building or space and mirroring the viewpoint of the user to be very interesting. This was because I suppose I had been experimenting with this in the previous part to People and Place, although this had all been from a low viewpoint. I also found it easier to imagine distinctive user viewpoints as being low down for example at a bowling alley or at a yoga class.

   Eventually I settled, for the low user viewpoint, to photograph a bowling green space as the location, with a few people playing bowls to emphasise that they clearly had to get down really low when placing their shots. I used the flip-out screen of my camera to get down to the desired level easily and took a variety of shots that I thought showed effectively how the space was being used. The reason I concluded this was the lower viewpoint made the viewer more involved like you were there. I knew this was a common term in photography but I experienced this to be true with the low viewpoint.



   Logically (for me at least) the next viewpoint to photograph from would be from high up looking down and so this is what I did. There was only one kind of scene I could imagine after thinking of ideas and that was of a performance with the user being one of the audience in the crowd looking down. There were a few options for this like a play, a musical or a ballet but I settled on a lecture hall.

   I was pleased with the results of the high viewpoint as well. To some extent there was a feeling of the user (or the viewer) being present in the room. Also there were no people present in the room but I found the space showed many human traces like the empty chairs, lecturer's desk and the projection screen; ready to be used.

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