Tuesday, 24 July 2012

'The Palm House' at Kew Gardens - Assignment 3, Buildings in use Part 3

1. Using the Palm House for study
I wanted largely to convey the size of  the Palm House at Kew Gardens because if you were to visit that part the vast size is the first thing that strikes you when you enter.

   For photograph 1. I was on the ground level looking for a shot to do the aforementioned when I stumbled across this young woman making a study of the palms at the Palm House and she graciously allowed me to take a photograph of her studying. I thought this was a very useful shot of the Palm House in use and that I was quite lucky to find it.

2. Exploring the Palm House by going up...
   To show the scale of the building and the people exploring it I chose to show the people visiting going up the staircase and then observing the canopy. The staircases were a beautiful (in my opinion) feature of the building (as well as of course the palms) and in combination with the light entering through the window and people climbing it I thought made 2. to be an attractive but effective photograph.

3. The Palm House in full use looking down
   With 3. I managed to capture a shot of the Palm House from a high viewpoint looking down on the palms and other visitors. There was added atmosphere from the mist-spraying devices and some of the glass and iron structure was evident, which were important features of the building. Maybe I could have improved on the interstingness of the visitors below in that they weren't looking up at the palms for instance but I thought it was still an effective shot from an interesting angle.

4. Going back down from the canopy
Lastly, I decided to logically show some visitors using one of the staircases to go back down, thus completing the 'tour' of the building in use. I thought this photograph showed well the elegance of both the staircase and the palms and there was also the detail of one of the visitors photographing the palms, which was quite a common occurrence within the Palm House.

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