Friday, 29 June 2012

Amendments/replacements for Assignment 2 - People and activity

Image 4 - to be replaced
I have read my tutor's comments about my second assignment for People and Place and in retrospect I agree strongly with a lot of the comments he made. Fortunately, I felt I had the capacity in terms of the quality of unused photographs for the project that it was feasible to make amendments to the choice of photographs. I have since updated the blog in this post by replacing photos I realised were in some ways lacking in areas like clarity of the activity taking place and/or lighting/'decisive' moments.

Replacement for Image 4
Image 6 - to be replaced
Replacement for Image 6
   If there was one clear faculty in my selection for the assignment for me, it was that there was no clear shot of the development of the cardboard city from an objective point of view, which my tutor had picked up on. Instead there were a couple of weaker shots that were incidentally quite subjective type shots of participators to the city (like image 4), where no obvious connection was made between the city and the builders. Luckily, I had taken a shot offering an objective point of view and looking back was quite surprised I didn't choose it (replacement for Image 4) over the subjective type of photograph.

   Again I was surprised with the next replacement photograph (replacement for Image 6), that I didn't choose it initially over the replaced image (Image 6 - to be replaced) but the replacement image was indeed stronger in retrospect. This was because it remained subjective like the one it replaced but crucially better documented how the child was interacting with the city.
Image 9 - to be replaced

Replacement for Image 9
   The last shot I replaced (Image 9 - to be replaced) was the most obvious candidate for replacement and the replacement (Replacement for Image 9) was for me one of the strongest in the project. I agreed with my tutor that the image to be replaced was weak, in that that there were weaknesses apparent like the hands at work (a reason I included the image initially) didn't provide much interest. In contrast, its replacement provided the viewer with what I felt was an interesting insight into the smaller details of how the cardboard city was built and captured a good expression on the face of one of its builders.

   I have realised that the project was still not perfect but I felt the amendments I made did make a significant difference to the comprehensiveness of how the cardboard city was documented.

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