Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Assignment 2- A Cardboard City- Day 2

It was sort of testament to how useful I had found the exercise 'Close and involved' earlier in 'People unaware' that I devoted a large part of the second day to trying to get a wide-angle shot of how the cardboard city was developing while simultaneously capturing a child's facial expression. The wide-angle shot was relatively easy to line-up: I decided on a diagonal view of the 'city' to give an impression of size. I also used a low camera-angle to add drama as I'd also learned was effective in 'Close and involved'.
5. 'Close and involved'

   The hard part was capturing a child's face with a good expression with the child still remaining 'unaware'. This was difficult because the children were so active and playful- especially with a camera in front of them! However I managed to create quite a few natural shots.

6. Amidst the cardboard
   My concentration on expression grew as this day went on and I decided to vary the manner in which I took the photographs by changing focal length. I chose to use a telephoto lens with the sole intent of capturing a child's expression. The cardboard city was quite large and dense by now so the telling chracteristic of the photos taken so far (the cardboard within each shot) remained intact.

   Overall I thought this day was sccessful as I could select two strong images that were different to each other with my preference between the two leaning towards number 5. This was because I felt it captured the essence of what I imagined it was like for a child involved in building the cardboard city.

   Photograph number 6 was maybe more 'routine' but it offered some variety to my shot selection. The boy's expression- the main reason for taking the photo was obvious and quite involved.

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