Monday, 11 June 2012

Assignment 2- A Cardboard City- Day 3 and 4

7. A fragment of the city
Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good on day 3 so not many families decided to attend. All the same I managed to capture the photos I was aiming to obtain. My aim was to convey development of the city while still showing its 'builders' in an interesting fashion. I thought both photos I selected on day 3 showed off these factors well with a sense of place remaining true without detriment to the people within it.

   With photo number 7 a very large building of the city was being erected by two of the main 'workers'. I felt the camera angle helped show the activity that was going on and the bits of cardboard scattered around kept the photo in sync with the other photographs of the series. Being critical I would say that the faces could have been more expressive and turned toward the camera. To achieve this I could have waited for a better opportunity, even though they were moving quite quickly.

8. In deep concentration, busy constructing

   With 8 my goal was to show more activity in  development of the city but this time in the form of a child working busily with the rest of the city 'looming' behind him. In evaluating this shot I would say the lighting and composition were fine and I also achieved the above goal. If I had changed the viewpoint slightly the boy's face could have been seen more clearly but it was still quite visible.
9. Securing a part of the city

   On day 4 I tried to experiment with something a little different. This was to concentrate on something other than mainly the children's faces. Instead I concentrated on their hands. In the end I got a variety of hand poses. The reason I decided on this photograph (9) was because it was substantially different from my previous shots. There was a sense of intrigue I felt as the child's face wasn't shown but there hands and some graffitti on the cardboard was. The hands were clearly partaking in the activity and the cardboard theme was present.

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