Sunday, 3 June 2012

By the Lake (A Public Space)

The way I chose to approach this exercise was complicated in both technique and the concept behind it. The concept consisted of finding a person or people engaged in an activity and photographing them. At the same time, in the distance, a second activity would be taking place, which would in turn become the main subject for the next photograph. This would tell a story while still showing the main subject for the exercise: people in activity.

  As you might have imagined this turned out to be quite challenging to execute. The reasons for this were having the right amount of depth of field to capture both the foreground and the background (that would later become the foreground so had to be discernible) and actually finding situations where each photograph would 'lead on' while still showing various activities taking place.

   However I had planned out a route in a famous London park where I could carry out this idea. More specifically it was beside a lake in St. James Park that I chose to start with. As the  weather was very sunny there were many visitors to the park and I had planned for this, trying to use it to my advantage as I could 'select' interesting activities with my idea still intact.





   If viewed sequentially in succession I thought the photos did tell a story of people engaged in activities with the foregroound and background being linked between each photograph. Although the photo session was successful in that regard there was room for improvement technically in my opinion. The most important places I felt I could have done better in were to have the content in the backgorund (maybe using a smaller aperure so more was in focus) more obvious so the connection could be made between that and the next shot. Also if possible keeping the background in the preliminary photograph the same as the foreground in the post photograph. Specifically that would be using the same person or people for both shots like I started off with.

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