Monday, 23 April 2012

Focal length

1. 18mm on APS-C camera
2. 35mm on APS-C camera
 I learnt a lot from the focal length exercise, mostly how a wide focal length can make a model’s features so disproportionate. By examining the resultant photographs I could see most obviously that the widest focal length used (18 mm on an APS-C crop camera) was most drastically disproportioned. The nose looked bigger than the rest of the face (especially the eyes) and the face looked thinner in comparison to the later shots. At 35mm (on an APS-C crop camera) everything was similarly disproportioned but less so. This trend continued with 55mm (on an APS-C crop camera) but by 85mm (on an APS-C crop camera) the effect wasn’t noticeable to me. The cheeks had ‘filled out’ and the nose was ‘compressed’. I found 135mm (on an APS-C crop camera) was very similar to 85mm (on an APS-C crop camera) in terms of proportions. However at 200mm (on an APS-C crop camera) the facial features looked a tiny bit too compressed for my liking.
4. 85mm on APS-C camera
3. 55mm on APS-C camera

5. 135mm on APS-C camera
6. 200mm on APS-C camera

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