Thursday, 8 November 2012

Preparation for Assignment 5 Including the Brief and What I Have Set out to Achieve

Introduction to and preparing for Assignment 5: First and foremost, the most crucial aspect of this assignment for me would be that it was a subject or subjects that were practical and at the same time personal to photograph. I knew such criteria was important for it to be a project that worked. I have found it is vital for me to enjoy what I'm photographing in order to achieve the best results.

   This didn't necessarily mean the subject matter has to be all 'airy fairy'; conversely it didn't have to be all 'doom and gloom'. As I brainstormed ideas however, I discovered I was starting to lean towards a more dark and melancholy theme for the brief as it would perhaps be a step sideways - an opportunity to depict something a little more 'gritty' and less 'perfect'. This was in contrast to the fourth assignment and I felt it would be an opportunity to make it more personal as mentioned above but also potentially to express myself.

   The obvious location for me then was up in the streets of London city. It was an obvious location firstly because I loved the atmosphere and vibrancy of the place, which would help me to enjoy myself as mentioned. Also the diversity present in this city would hopefully allow me to get a unique perspective of the city as I saw it.

   As I began to formulate a more specific brief I realised I was fairly sure the notional client would be one that helped circulate information, so probably a magazine, but with topics that were personal/insightful as well as of course important to potential readers - not just informational. This suggested for me then, as the location of the brief would almost definitely now be London, the photographs could perhaps be used in a local magazine attempting to spread an awareness article concerning the topic at hand. The topic at hand would most probably be the otherside or darker side to London's character.

   Here is the choice of client:

A magazine (narrative and illustrative)

   Purpose of the assignment: 

Informational - raising awareness

   How the images will be used:

To complement and illustrate the text of an awareness article

   My brief:

'Alternative London' - These photographs should portray a side of London City that is not immediately apparent to the average visitor but that should demand more attention, which this project will bring to light.

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