Friday, 18 May 2012

An inspiration or two...

I was quite inspired the other day by one of 'Tuna Önder's' street photographs in particular: namely 'The Official'. Here he isolates (in what I think is an extremely effective manner) this one person in the frame. For me this creates an interesting photograph in that the 'official' looks lonely or separate from what is going on around him. I think Tuna Önder has managed this by a combination of colour, composition and a sense of surroundings. This last part of the photograph is achieved because the 'official' is looking outside the frame, which lets the viewer 'imagine' outside the frame too. 'The Official' can be found as image 21 of 22 on accessed on Friday 19 May 2012.

   The second artist I was inspired by recently was Steve McCurry and more specifically the eyes of his subjects in some portraits. The one photograph that had the most impact on me was 'Afghan Girl, Pakistan', on accessed on Friday 19 May 2012. The thing that struck me first were the eyes of the subject. They were so vivid and involved that I found it hard to look away from them; they seemed to compel me. I later put it down to colour that made the photo so impactful. This was in particular the colour of her eyes in contrast to what she was wearing and the fact they were staring so intently at the camera.

   Although those might not be the most useful photographs to be inspired by for People Unaware I could imagine it would come in useful later on, maybe with Buildings and Spaces for 'The Official'and just in general later on in the course with 'Afghan Girl, Pakistan'.

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