Friday, 11 May 2012

Capturing the Moment

Before starting this exercise I was a bit apprehensive about finding interesting 'moments' in everyday life on the streets of London. I thought mostly there would just be people walking around, minding their own business. However, I soon found I didn't need to worry and started capturing some 'lively' shots.

   Most notably, and quite ironically my first and probably best opportunity came straight away in the form of the 'Handyman'. I realised quickly this was a prime photo opportunity as it was, in my eyes, very interesting. However, so did a multitude of similar DSLR users in the vicinity and I was hard pushed (literally!) to get into a decent position to take some shots. I eventually got a few shots and have posted a couple of my better ones before he drove off. The 'Handyman' consisted of a singing driver in a blue van that released a vast amount of bubbles with a waving teddybear accomplice.

   Next up I found a more sedate scene of two men unloading goods off a lorry. I started off with a larger field of view and gradually closed in so the men and their colourful goods were singled out. I found the closer in I got to the men and their goods, the more effective the moment became. I suppose the wider shots offered a sense of place but because a lot of the goods the men were handling were London-orientated, this fact was largely negated.

   Then I turned my attention to a caricature artist and one of his subjects. I liked the first shot a lot because it showed off some of his and his colleagues' work but I was not particularly happy about the tree in the background (in the middle of the frame). So I switched viewpoints to the opposite side and thought I captured the moment better as there were a few people who were looking on; adding interest to the scene.


   At another busy area there was some work going on with people in their uniforms grouped together. Once again I decided to start off wide and get closer in to what was happening by zooming in more with the camera. I thought the last photo worked best as it had an element of action and the faces of the workers were more expressive.

   Last but not least I ran into the 'Handyman' again! This was in my opinion one of the best shots of the day. The reason for this was because it was nicely framed, while still capturing a moment that was comical and lively. My only wish was that there could have been more bubbles!

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