Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ammendment/improvement to my brief for Assignment 5

In light of receiving feedback from my tutor I had come to realise how general and somewhat vague my initial brief for the fifth assignment was. In this post I aimed to divulge much more information about the brief, client, what the photos would be used for and even small details such as print size and juxtaposition for each photo within the article that would show to what extent they would be salient within the article. Seemingly small improvements like this would make the brief and choice of client more relevant to the photos themselves.

   I felt also after reading my tutors comments closely that some of the criticisms were related to editing; changes that I could make quite easily but which I hoped would be impactful towards the credibility of the photos within the article. I would also be showing the edited photos in some subsequent posts so they could be compared back to the original photos and indicating the print size sand juxtaposition of these and the remaining photos.
   Here is the REVISED choice of client:

A magazine (narrative and illustrative), which specialises in subjective and current issues in a particular place.

   REVISED purpose of the assignment: 

Informational; documenting a topic that is potentially sensitive to the reader.

   REVISION of how the images will be used:

To complement and illustrate the text of an article showing how the city is used by people of varying backgrounds, relating this back to the reader as the article would be distributed in the same city.

   And here is my REVISED brief in its final form:

The photographs should portray an underlying alternative side to London and its habitual users, which isn't immediately obvious to a casual visitor but that is brought to light by the photos.


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