Monday, 17 September 2012

A dramatic change

1. Original
First of all, I was very pleasantly surprised with how useful this exercise was as I wasn't expecting the changes between the following photograph and its fellow versions to be so dramatic and, in my opinion, convincing.

   Here was the original photograph:


The 'emphasis on person' version was striking and in some ways it looked like a natural spotlight was shining down on the man. I tried however, to make the dodging and burning I had applied to this photo to be subtle enough as to not look too fake or contrived.

3. Emphasis on place
2. Emphasis on person

   Similarly with the 'emphasis on place' version I tried to make the same, subtle changes but essentially in reverse. Here, the man was made darker so that he effectively became another feature of the place in contrast to the other version where he was the main attraction of the place.

   Overall, the dodging and burning was very effective, I thought, and was a technique I decided would be useful in the future as I would be able to (to some extent) change the mood of the photo.

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