Friday, 17 August 2012

Using a short focal length on a wide angle lens

I read in 'British Journal of Photography' - August 2012 that wide angle lenses give you lots more composition alternatives than telephoto: 'Within a metre or two of a portrait subject, you could find a dozen angles and 'Fit a 135mm portrait lens and getting the same range of angles requires access to a convenient cliff, half a playing field and perhaps a first-floor window.' - D. Kilpatrick (2012), British Journal of Photography, August 2012, Volume 159, Incisive Financial Publishing Limited, London SW1Y, 4RX, page 87.

   While flicking through people interacting with place I found something that made this relevent to the course in the busy traffic exercise: M. Freeman (2009) - 'Aim to show the 'busyness' of the place, which might involve altering the composition'. I 'only' had the kit 18-55 lens as my widest focal length lens to play with at 18mm but in my opinion that was quite adequate for the moment.

   With the idea that I could change the composition more easily with a wide angle lens in mind I became on look-out for a busy place and knew I wouldn't have far to look with the Olympics occurring in the city I lived.

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